New Calculator (Version Beta 1)

  • Hi all,

    I am happy to announce the second version of my new Calculator with the version beta 1 today!
    For you it is the first one because of the missing English language-support in the previous one.
    You can find the package as attachment of this thread. Of course you can install it in your own environment and test extensive :)

    Please note this version is not released official because it is not stable yet and can contain bugs.
    If you find one, please report it in our product board!

    The main features of the Calculator are:

    • The application supports lots of different types of calculations dynamically which can be configured by the administrator
    • Highest performance for the users

    You can find an installation instruction and a tutorial at the product board.

    Additional links:
    To the product board
    Installation, First Setup & Management of content

    Best regards

    #Update 23.05.2014
    Please note, a new version has been published. For more information, visit the product board.