Installation, First Setup & Management of content

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    Hi all,

    in this thread I want to show you the installation, the first setup and the management of the contents in the Calculator.

    Table of content

    I hope this thread supports you in the management of the Calculator.

    Best regards

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    Automatic Installation

    • Please browse to the admin control panel of your WCF2-based installation
    • Choose System > Packages > Install Package
    • Enter de.ltb-labs.wcf2.calc in the field Package Identifier and submit the request
    • Follow the steps shown in the installation assistant

    Manual Installation

    • First of all please browse to the admin-control-panel (ACP) of your WCF2-based installation
    • Choose System > Packages > Install Package and open the tab Upload Package
    • Download the latest version of the Calculator from our homepage (latest: Version 2.1.1)
    • Click on Browse, select the downloaded package and click on Submit
    • A new page is shown now. Please agree to install the package.
    • A dialog appears where the default path of the installation is filled in the textbox. You can change the path here or leave it as default and confirm the installation again
    • Finish the installation by clicking on Next

    Setup new environment

    • Download the standalone package from our homepage
    • Extract the ZIP and upload all files on your server
    • Call to check whether your environment is ready for our tool
    • If it's ready you can start the installation from there
    • Everything you have to do now is to follow the steps in the installation guide.
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    The Calculator adds one module which is activated by default.
    With this module you can control whether the Calculator should be active or not. You can find it in System > Options > Module in the tab Community.

    Permissions for users
    For standard-users the following permissions are available:

    • Can see Calculator
    • Can use calculation-form

    Permissions for admins:
    For administrators the Calculator provides the following permissions:

    • Can list entries
    • Can add entries
    • Can edit entries
    • Can delete entries
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    In this chapter I want to show you the user interface.

    1 Here you can see the calculation page without any calculation.
    2 This formular is to start a new calculation.
    3 Here you can see the calculation page with an active calculation. The calculator shows the user that he has not set a level of barracks yet and the first available have been taken.
    At the bottom you can see the typical wcf share buttons
    4 On this picture you can see the description of the unit if there was added a description. Further the option of the underlying category must be set. To get this view the user has to move his mouse over the name of the unit.
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    The following process to add barracks was the best one in the past:

    1 Create new barracks in Community > Calculator > Barracks by clicking on the button Add barracks
    2 Browse to Community > Calculator > Levels and click on the Add level-button to add one or more new level(s)
    3 Go back to the list of barracks (in Community > Calculator > Barracks)
    4 To edit the barracks either click on the name of the barracks or click on the pencil at the end of the line. After that you get view where you can modify the general information in the first tab and link/unlink the levels on the second one. Please open the second tab (Levels) now and move the levels from Available Levels to Linked levels using drag & drop. To save your changes click on Save sorting
    5 For deletion of barracks/levels browse to the respective view and click on the X-symbol at the end of the line.

    Should you delete a barracks, which has one/more linked levels, the deletion only affects the assignment. The levels themselves are not changed. Additionally the settings of the users are updated and the obsolete level-settings removed
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    The management of resources is pretty simple but here I want to show you the best practice too:

    1 Browse to Community > Calculator > Resources and click on Add resource
    2 To edit a resource go to the list of resources and either click on the name of it or on the pencil at the end of the line.
    3 Deletion is as simple too: Only click in the same view on the X-symbol at the end of the line.

    With the deletion of one resource the assignment to an unit-level and the assignment to the unit gets lost. Further the sortation of the resources in the categories is updated and the resource removed.
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    The management of the units can be divided into three parts: general data, resources and levels for units.

    General data

    1 You can add a new unit by clicking on Add unit in Community > Calculator > Units.


    • The field Shortcut defines the parameter in the URLs
    • In the field Description you can add a text, which is displayed as popup (see line 4 in The user interface)
    • The checkbox indicates whether the resources (tab Resources) or the resources linked with the levels from tab Levels should be taken for the calculation
    2 For editing please browse to the unit list again and click on the name or the pencil at the end of the line
    3 To delete an unit please use the X-symbol at the end of the line and confirm the dialog.

    With deleting units the assignment to the grades, the quantity for the resources and the related unit-levels with their resource quantity are deleted.


    4 The resource assignment can be done after the creation of the unit. To add the resources please edit the unit and switch to the tab Resources. Here you can find all defined resources and their current quantity. So you can simply configure the quantity in the textbox next to the resource.

    If you leave the textbox of a resource empty or fill in 0, the resource would not be considered in the calculation.

    Levels for units

    5 Based on a user's requirement I added levels for units. Those levels are shown in the edit-view of the units. To add a new level please click on Add level in the tab Levels.


    • The damage, which the unit causes is required for levels and can be added in the field Caused damage. Please fill in a number.
    • Additionally there all resources are shown with textboxes for their quantity. The procedure is as for units (see chapter "resources" above)
    After the creation of a new level the page reloads.
    6 To edit an existing level please click on the name of the level or click on the pencil at the end of the line.

    You can change the order of the levels with the sortation of that list. For sorting that list use drag & drop
    7 Deletion of levels is as simple as for units: Click on the X-symbol at the end of the line.

    May the sortation is not updated correctly. If that happens please click on Save sorting to fix the order of the levels.
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    Grades are only used for categorizing units and the assignment unit to grade and grade to category. You can see the grade as one part in the form to start the calculation (see line 2 in The user interface).

    1 To add a grade please click on Add grade in Community > Calculator > Grades.
    2 For editing browse to Community > Calculator > Grades again and click on the name of the grade or on the pencil in the same line. You can add units to the grade using drag & drop and saving the changes with the button Save sorting
    3 Deletion of grades is pretty simple: Only click on the X-symbol at the end of the line.

    By deleting the grade the assignment (category to grade and grade to unit) are deleted too. Units and categories are not affected from that deletion but the sortation in the category is updated.
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    The categories represents the different games for which the Calculator should do calculations.

    Important notice:
    If you have no categories added yet, the menu item in the front page is not shown.

    1 To add a new category, please browse to Community > Calculator > Categories. After that click on Add category.


    • The checkbox Show recrution-duration defines whether the recrution duration should be shown in the calculation-page or not
    • If the option Show damage (if available) is activated, the causing damage is shown in the calculation too. This only works if levels are enabled. That's why (if available) is mentioned there ;)
    • The setting Show information about units enables the popup-dialog (see line 4 in Installation, First Setup & Management of content). The popup dialog contains the description of the units. If there is no description available a notice is shown.
    2 In editing-mode you can link existing grades to the category using drag & drop. Additionally you can define the order of the grades by sorting that list using drag & drop too.
    3 To delete a category click on the X-symbol at the end of the line and confirm the dialog.
    4 If you have created one or more barracks, you can see a button in the edit-mode called Change barracks. If you click on it a dialog appears which shows all available barracks.

    If you change the barracks there, the user-settings for that category are deleted because they may got invalid due to that change.